Our Purpose

We guide people working together,
to serve a Purpose more effectively.

Your pain

Do you or people in your organization encounter some of these pain points?

Excessive demand and overload

Do you recognize…
  • feeling overwhelmed by the list of tasks that are growing in your backlog?
  • ‘putting out fires’ and mostly reacting to what comes your way?
  • not knowing if you can say no to further responsibilities?

Slow decision-making processes

Do you feel…
  • bureaucratic and centralized decision-making processes hinder your work?
  • meetings take forever without decisions being made?
  • you need everyone’s approval for a decision?

Unclear priorities and responsibilities

Do you…
  • long for a sense of meaning in your work?
  • desire clarity and orientation in the complexity you are facing?
  • wish for a strategic direction to prioritize your diverse tasks?

Going TEAL

If so, then self-organization might be right for you. The Benefits of going TEAL are:

Clear overall intent
and priorities

Fast decision-making and empowered responsibility

High impact by motivated & reliable teams

Conflict resolution and learning culture

Quick and innovative adaptation to disruptive factors

How can PAUL-X help

PAUL-X trains the holistic TEAL Capabilities for self-organization, for your organizational evolution.


For example:

  • Leadership Culture
  • Role Purpose
  • Team Purpose & Responsibilities

What our customers say

UX Design | # people: 30

Self-Org encourages us to actively design the way we work and to take responsibility. It increased our engagement for the organization, and improved our collaboration.

(Transformation lead)

Quality Management | # people: 14 / 2,500

The support to discover our individual purposes in the leadership team and the collective purpose of the overall Quality organization helped us to bring our collaboration to the next level and to clarify the impact we can make for the company as a whole.

(Head of Quality, Pharmaceutical)

Human Resources | # people: 12

Very practice-oriented and down-to-earth coaching support, indispensable for an effective transformation! The PAUL-X approach is innovative and enlightening – thank you! 

(Senior Management)

Let's Realize your organization's Potential!

Find out how PAUL-X can help you.


  • Practical know-how out of experience from years of transformation in Siemens 
  • Coaches with unique expertise areas and access to a wide international network of peer companies
  • Partners at eye level, leading by example – we are a TEAL organization ourselves

The journey does not stop here...

What comes after TEAL – after working self-organized?

Learn more about ecosystem collaboration in form of a scalable purpose-oriented and trustful relationships network beyond traditional organizational boundaries.