Autonomous Decisions

Addressing complex questions timely and effectively

What do you need now?

Deciding adequately in complex situations without investing too much time or effort

Symptomatic observations:

  • Complex situations that require fast actions
  • Decision-making over layers of hierarchy
  • Overwhelmed as single point decider
  • Spending much time convincing stakeholders
  • Consent of all involved parties required
  • Fear of taking responsibility from employees

Which new capabilities are helpful?

Existing knowledge applied, risk reduced

  • Identifying and involving relevant stakeholders for a decision to be made
  • Neutral, objective-focused Facilitation
  • Psychological safety, ‘speak-up’ culture
  • Integration of contradicting perspectives and interests
  • Letting go for decisions which are good enough without seeking management approval

What would change?

Business processes implemented meaningfully and fewer problems delegated

  • Employees dare to define and decide on solutions locally
  • Reduced waiting time for decisions from above 
  • Less busyness, e.g. drawing slides
  • More responsibility taking and exchange between departments
  • Complex questions are addressed through appropriate decision-making techniques

With what impact?

  • Impact: Solutions are supported by the involved stakeholders
  • Resilience: Even under pressure fewer delays and ‘bottlenecks’ emerge
  • Engagement: Employees feel intrinsically motivated and relevant
  • Speed: Through fast & local decision-making

Bring Autonomous Decisions to your organization