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From „blind“ faith to clear decisions in the leadership team

For too long, we blindly trusted each other…

Proud to be already self-organized and equipped with the best models and methods, we as partners of our consulting partnership PAUL-X relied on the fact that we all meant well and it would work out. Until several partners told us, „I can’t keep up. It’s getting too much for me.“ We sensed: feeling good is not enough to make our business a success.

We learned that today it is important to permanently pay attention to the tensions in the team, but also to have the courage to make clear decisions.


Anyone who tries to do this will lose effectiveness – in other words, business success – in the VUCA world.

The result is often misunderstandings that cost valuable energy. On the other hand, those who have to solve many challenges simultaneously need secure orientation, nurtured by intrinsic motivation, in harmony with the needs of customers and society. We call this „purpose“ – the yardstick for entrepreneurial decisions.

In order to make clear and „purpose-oriented“ decisions, executives need to focus on three things:

#1: Seriousness - Put your cards on the table as a leadership team and focus on what really drives you

This will make you stronger for resolving inevitable incidents.

Start with yourself and be connected to your purpose. Build a team that not only „shares“ your vision of the future, but truly wants to co-create it. Help those who don’t come along find new ways to do so.

#2: Honesty - The calmness in your team is the speedometer

Team members who are overwhelmed don’t call for help.

Successful change happens without outside pressure. You pursue a big goal that is achieved in small steps. This requires the right speed as well as the possibility to work concentrated on the important tasks.

#3: Effectiveness - Align yourself with your customers

Customers are your honest mirror. 

Use this contact to adjust and be sure you are doing the right thing. Take time for a monthly reflection. Measure business success by customer effectiveness. 

Instead of trusting everyone „blindly“, seriousness, honesty and effectiveness in your decisions make you a business leader with happy employees and customers.

Share with us below in the comments: What is your biggest learning as a leader?

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