Company Culture Detox

Regaining balance with cultural detox -
Letting go of toxic cultural elements and training suitable capabilities

Toxic Company Culture

Many company leaders see culture only as a soft topic that is difficult to measure and „manage“ and is therefore often only observed.

As a result, the culture in many teams is no longer up to date: while the trappings change and companies have to solve more and more challenges at the same time, the culture often feels stuck. Not only that – it is becoming increasingly „toxic“ as individual elements that have sustained organizations until now suddenly become obstacles.

Do the following examples sound familiar?

Employees simply rely on their superiors to know where they want to go.

Targets and bonuses lose their effectiveness or even lead to counterproductive results.

Although the owners are satisfied with the business development, the pressure from outside and the uncertainty grow.

Culture Change

Instead of seeing culture only as a soft factor, a cultural detox is a sensible investment to get back on the path of innovation and customer focus.

Those who are not prepared to discard parts of the old culture run the risk of being overrun by growing challenges.

Zukunftsinstitut explains that the core of the current transformation lies not in digitization and networking, but in new cultural qualities. According to the motto of management guru Peter Drucker: „Culture eats strategy for breakfast“. Only an organic and trusting culture of togetherness empowers companies to master the challenges of the VUCA world and to help shape it. 

Reawakening entrepreneurial power requires looking inward. It starts with a shift in thinking among the leadership team.

Engaging with culture paves the way to an entrepreneurial future.

Guiding the Company Culture Detox

One-X Transformation enables learning new and holistic capabilities to stay impactful in a VUCA world.

Finding out the potential for a culture change

Firmenkultur Ausflug

Do we want to detox?

  • Which culture elements are helpful / toxic for us?
  • How ready are we to change those?

Realizing the next elegant steps for you

Culture Escape Room

What concretely do we want to change?

  • Where lies the greatest potential / urgency?
  • Who is committed to take a proactive leadership role?

Designing proactive and impactful culture change


How do we design the change?

  • Which (external) support / experience do we need? 
  • How do we prevent typical pitfalls?

Why One-X Transformation?

  • Practical know-how out of experience from years of transformation in Siemens
  • Coaches with unique expertise areas and access to a wide network of peer companies
  • Partners at eye level, leading by example – we are entrepreneurs ourselves