Creative Conflicts

How can we embrace our differences and conflicts to foster trustful collaboration?

When we appear as whole people in our organization, it is precisely interpersonal conflicts and differences that become crucial for trusting and effective cooperation. By learning how to argue properly, we can strengthen our personal development,  appreciative differences and cooperate trustfully within the organization and with our stakeholders.

In this session you will:

  • Learn to create a culture of psychological safety and effective collaboration through effective and appreciative conflict resolution
  • Express and communicate tensions transparent and openly
  • Address and solve interpersonal conflicts to learn from differences  and cooperate well

What characterizes mastery of this capability? 

  • All open conflicts and interpersonal tensions are addressed timely
  • All team members know where and when to address interpersonal tensions
  • A trustful and open culture, where cooperation can thrive
  • Different opinions and misunderstandings are embraced openly
  • Team members feel safe to address conflict proactively: Self-expression, empathy and self-empathy are high

What characterizes the lack of this capability

  • Underlying tensions and unresolved interpersonal conflicts block collaboration
  • Unaddressed tensions bubbling up in different meetings in the form of for example passive-aggressive behavior
  • Disengagement from team members
  • Decrease of effective cooperation
  • Low trust

Bring Creative Conflicts to your organization