Culture Café

Discover the potential of a culture change for you

What do you need now?

Inspiration about urgency and feasibility of a culture change

  • Realization of one’s own cultural characteristics and differences to other companies
  • Recognizing possible levers for changing culture
  • Point out consequences of current culture and develop confidence and courage to change
  • Comprehensible chain of arguments to continue the reflection in your own company

What new capabilities would help?

Recognizing the relevance of company culture for own competitiveness

  • Assess the designability of the cultural elements
  • Understanding of the defining characteristics of own culture
  • See strengths and weaknesses of different cultures
  • Let go of the analytical security at high complexity and dare to think holistically

How can One-X Transformation support you?

An open space for exchange and new perspectives with like-minded people

  • Selection of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Neutral workshop moderation
  • Orientation and structuring of the reflection according to the integral model
  • Supporting decision-making about applying culture change levers

What would be different?

Honest and realistic expectation about cultural change initiatives

  • Bringing toxic elements of company culture to light together
  • Search and find pragmatic or realistic options for action
  • Discuss culture in relation to performance
  • Consider the relationship between personal, company and market culture

With what benefits ?

Decision whether to take a next step

Convince and win potential collaborators in the company

Decrease in cynicism and increase in motivation to act in management circles

Operationalization of cultural issues

Start an exchange in a Culture Café