Culture Change

Enable the effective realisation of existing potentials through Culture Change Support

What do you need now?

A sustainable evolution without overloading the organization or losing your identity

  • Letting go of outdated way of working to allow space for the new to emerge
  • Intrinsically motivated change that reduces tension, rather than top-down roll-out 
  • Fast and well-coordinated adjustments, at all levels of the organization

What new capabilities would help?

Trusting each other and taking responsibility for the overall business success

  • Sharing information and feedback to enable more autonomous decisions
  • Distributing tasks to optimize the use of expertise and workload of resources
  • Co-creative integration of different point of views and interests for a common purpose

How can One-X Transformation support you?

Navigating around avoidable pitfalls - unavoidable are more than enough

  • Necessary frame conditions for a successful Transformation are made transparent and achieved
  • Organization and facilitation of Transformation Practices according to a sound overall approach
  • Proactive reflection on transformational tensions and suggestion of effective, proven solutions

What would be different?

Tensions in the transformation are discussed and integrated

  • Shared purpose and clear responsibilities of own work
  • Performance driven by the desire to make a difference
  • Empowerment at all levels for faster reaction and clearer focus

With what benefits ?

Transformations are a positive experience and your competitiveness keeps improving

The organization is no longer overburdened

Innovation emerges from customer experience

The positive working atmosphere opens up new perspectives that attract new talent

Initiate a Culture Change