Culture Escape Room

Reaching higher effectiveness through company culture detox

What do you need now?

The key to a more effective and sustainable company culture

  • A clear overview on toxic elements in your business and their impact
  • Identification of most fitting next steps (highest value, lowest risk)
  • A coalition of the willing to change the status quo

What new capabilities would help?

Building the will and (self-)trust to go after what is really needed

  • Being curious and truly asking open questions
  • Feeling safe and open to talk about our own structures and cultural elements
  • Focussing on what matters most, letting go the rest
  • Understanding your risks and finding the courage to take a path safe enough to try

How can One-X Transformation support you?

A workshop as a safe room for reflection, new perspectives and inspiration

  • Guidance on interviews and experiences to be collected ahead of the workshop
  • Support on the choice of participants and roles
  • Facilitation of Workshop
  • Guidance on point of reflections and concrete examples of next steps

What would be different?

Transformational steps are seen as worthy to be pursued and accepted

  • Future state and value of the transformational step is well understood 
  • Only people motivated by the future state are involved
  • Involved people are empowered to bring about the change

With what benefits ?

Stronger engagement and alignment during implementation

Coworkers collaborate to maximize the positive impact of the next transformational step

In face of difficulties innovative solutions are found

Unrealistic expectations are let go

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