Ecosystem Constellation

How can we visualize the invisible reason for existence of our organization?

The more complex business life gets, the more often the question arises how we can visualize the invisible. Constellations are a viable way for getting systems to talk and putting teams in the position of listeners who want to discover new things and pay empathetic attention.

In this session you will:

  • Create a landscape of hour your team is positioned in relation to your stakeholders
  • Get a different perspective on your organization by switching into other roles
  • Learn to listen to your organization’s purpose rather than ‚defining‘ it

What characterizes mastery of this capability? 

Mastery of this skill is characterized by your wish to apply constellations again and again:

  • You know about and feel the power of sensing into the field
  • Your practice switching roles in different contexts and develop empathy for complex situations
  • You have more clarity in any kind of complex decisions

What characterizes the lack of this capability

A lack of this skill means that you look at purpose and decisions in a more mechanistic way:

  • Focus on facts and figures all the time
  • Purpose defined top down by the company 
  • Purpose does not play a role in daily decisions.

Dare to try it out, particularly in a virtual format, like recently some of our clients did, e.g. a software development company with cultural challenges or a consulting firm that wanted to reposition itself. They confirmed: Constellations can help to radically simplify solution finding and clarify hidden or complex issues through the metaphors that emerge.

Bring Constellations to your organization