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Gaining clarity for wicked problems

Let’s look at a way how deep reflection with peers can help business leaders overcome uncertainty to increase motivation in their teams.

In PAUL-X, we apply peer coaching in the format of case clinics to help leaders proceed on tricky questions in many contexts. It’s often the language of metaphors that helps to find solutions, as one leader recently told us: ‚The images that emerged during the coaching and recommendations that I received occupy me intensively – and I am already implementing concrete ideas.‘

Unfortunately, applying peer coaching is still a pretty unusual experience for many.

It requires to accept listening as a key element of leadership.

There are more reasons why leaders struggle with the concept of peer coaching:
🗝 It is unusual to open up to the team with inner questions.
🗝 Many still think leading means giving answers.
🗝 Generally, we often see a lack of trust and psychological safety in the organization.

To overcome these struggles, we offer a specific format of peer coaching in the form of a safe, facilitated virtual space where agile coaches as case givers present their challenge and receive structured, collegial guidance.

Here’s how, step by step:

Step #1: Getting absolutely clear about your question

In a short conversation, we get to the core of what’s on your mind.

  • How can I give my team a new perspective?
  • What does it need from me in my role?
  • How can I gain clarity in this specific decision I need to make?

These are questions many leaders deal with at the moment. There is no blanket answer to any of these.

Step #2: Sharing your intention with a group of peers

Many leaders think these peers need to be experts in the field.

Yet, it is more important that you take enough time to share your personal aspiration and leadership challenge from your heart, openly and in an emotional way. We will provide an experienced team of peer coaches and listeners.


Step #3: Mirroring images, feelings and gestures

After a moment of stillness, all coaches share the metaphors and observations that came up during listening to the case story.

We end up in a generative dialog on how these observations can offer new perspectives on the case. We go with the flow to build on each others ideas.

You want to try this type of reflection yourself? Get in touch with us and share your tricky situation with us.

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