Listening to
the pulse
of an organization

How can we find a common language for our culture?

Our experience shows that when people feel heard and seen, they speak up. Create employee engagement through developing the organization together and turn collective human potential into prioritized growth opportunities for businesses.

  • Do you want to have a common language in your team to talk about the state of your organization?
  • Do you want to understand where you are on your journey towards Teal / Self-management?
  • Do you want to evolve your business with your current members, instead of an armada of external consultants?

We create safe spaces for people to express their authentic wisdom at work:

(1) Recorded interviews for deep dives with people across the organization – Making opportunities for personal and organizational growth transparent

(2) Identifying the collective potential of the organization – Hearing and seeing how culture is lived in your organization

(3) Creating ownership & empowerment – Crowdsourcing solutions for impact through facilitated session

Your benefits

  • Awareness and common language of current state of working regarding leadership, culture and structure
  • Understanding the capacities of your organization in an evolutionary context
  • Clarity about congruence of way of working
  • Co-created vision of desired state of working by your current members of your organization
  • Advisory on ways of being, tools and methods suitable for your context
  • Identification of stewards for your organizational transformation
  • Authentic expression of way of working in video format
  • Attracting the right talent for your organization

Listen to the pulse of your organization

PAUL-X is an human-centric Organizational Development & Transformation catalyst that enables people in organizations to be self-driven and self-organized through training holistic and integral TEAL capabilities.