How can we be present to what is needed in the current moment?

The world and personal and business life becomes more VUCA. There is a lot of information and distractions in modern life. That means it is more difficult to focus on your own needs and on what the world needs. This can be very challenging. Instead of being mindful our minds are full of a lot of stuff. Not even to mention emotions and feelings or interactions with others.

In this session you will:

  • Learn to be aware of the present moment 
  • Identify thoughts, feelings and body sensations
  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence and relate to others feelings empathically

What characterizes mastery of this capability? 

  • Showing self-understanding and self-reflection, concentration and focus on the essentials
  • Communicating more calm and clearer
  • More easily accepting things as they are

What characterizes the lack of this capability? 

  • A lack of mindfulness shows in affective behaviour, that is unfocused and distracted
  • Getting easily triggered by others
  • Trying to avoid ‚unpleasant‘ feelings and situations

Bring Mindfulness to your organization