Peer Coaching

How can I get clarity on what my challenges are?

  • How can I give my team a new perspective?
  • What does it need from me in my role as leader?
  • How do I deal with the many open questions towards my team?
  • How can I bring clarity to the current situation for myself and my environment?
  • How can I take care of myself with all the responsibility I carry?

These are the questions that many leaders who want to move their organization forward have asked us at PAUL-X. In most conversations, it quickly became clear that there is no generic answer to these questions. Rather, we observed that it is precisely in times of high pressure and uncertainty that deep reflection is most likely to lead to clarity.

In this session you will: 

…experience peer coaching in the format of case clinics to help proceed on tricky questions in many contexts. It’s often the language of metaphors that helps to find solutions.

We offer a specific format of peer coaching in the form of a safe, facilitated virtual space where agile coaches as case givers present their challenge and receive structured, collegial guidance.

What characterizes mastery of this skill? 

You will be able create and host dialog rooms based on the following principles:

  • Psychological safety allowing to open up also on difficult topics and questions
  • Creating clarity on tricky questions in a short amount of time
  • Learning to reduce complexity by applying metaphors, images and expressing feelings

What characterizes lack of this skill? 

In this case, team situations are often characterized by a lack of listening that results in the following:

  • It is unusual to open up to the team with inner questions
  • Many still think leading means giving answers
  • Generally, we often see a lack of trust and psychological safety in the organization

get Clarity Through peer Coaching