How can we transcend personal projections and perceptions to learn from the collective intelligence of the group?

In a constantly changing world with increasing complexity, we as individuals can hardly keep an eye on „the big picture“ with our individual perspective alone. A continuous alignment of collective impressions and perspectives helps to be able to react to tensions and changes in time and to navigate the company through complexity.

In this session you will:

  • Learn to listen to other perspectives
  • See patterns and relations from a birds eyes perspective
  • Sense the whole and take in the emerging field

What characterizes mastery of this capability? 

  • Greater sensitivity and attentiveness to the whole structure
  • Successful business transformation and adaptability through an inside & outside perspective
  • Higher collective capacity to include a meta-level, multiperspectivity and effective communication to identify dynamics and tensions

What characterizes the lack of this capability? 

  • Difficult issues and tensions are not addressed in time
  • Decisions and opinions are based on personal opinions rather than the big picture
  • Conflicts between specialists and generalists

Bring Sense-making to your organization