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Stay calm & solve challenges

To keep their heads above water, SME business leaders need to be aware of complexity, present in the moment, well-connected and flexible for opportunities.

One CEO recently told us: „The pandemic was pretty simple, we only had one big challenge to solve. Now we face 10+ challenges at the same time.“ We at PAUL-X help in these situations and offer concrete ways to deal with issues like skills shortage, supply chains disruptions, and cybersecurity threats through more effective sense making.

To better understand how, let’s dive into four helpful principles to stay connected and flexible despite the bustle around us.


#1: Be aware of complexity

Experimenting constantly leads to success.

Theories tell us that we should deal with issues of the „known unknowns“ by analyzing them, and breaking them down to find the right answer. Yet, if we are juggling several challenges at the same time, who has the head-space for a calm analysis? Dealing with the „unknown unknowns“, there is no 100% right answer. More effective is to identify promising starting points and to constantly conduct experiments that are safe to fail.

#2: Be present in the moment

Thinking and acting in the „now“ becomes a key skill.

If there is no way to know what the future holds, projections make little sense. They cost us valuable time. Better focus on what the moment is telling us and connect to it. How? A good way is to be fully aware of our reason for living that includes work. We found that a regular Ikigai reflection helps to be fully aware of what is needed „now“.

#3 : Stay well-connected

As founder or CEO, always be in good exchange with your employees and your customers.

This mainly means being in listening mode. It requires an active form of listening that leads to conversations in which new solutions come up. We often use the “Yes, and…” format to help us build upon the ideas of each other. When co-creative discourse becomes the normal way of interaction, all meetings will become more productive. 

#4: Be flexible for opportunities

Once determined what is needed, the stories that are already in your organization will open ways to find the flexibility to deliver.
It’s pretty fascinating to see how organizations work: Historian, philosopher and best-selling author Yuval Noah Harari says that every human enterprise is firmly rooted in shared stories. These stories contain the principles of how to get maximum flexibility in your organization.

We create conversation rooms for SMEs leaders to reflect on real and urgent business challenges, to learn from each other, and to get to concrete next actions. Curious to see how this could help in your situation? Book your initial 30 minutes slot right here.

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