What is TEAL?

TEAL is not just another buzzword or one management method, rather it is a way of being and organizing work. TEAL is a systemic worldview which perceives an organization as a whole living system. Thus enabling enterprise agility or responsive / adaptive organizations to meet complexity. It is the next stage of collaboration beyond agile.

Paradigm shift

TEAL is a stage of human consciousness, according to Integral Theory. A worldview for organizing the way of working based on three breakthrough principles:

  • Evolutionary Purpose 
    • The difference your organization makes to the world is the leading force for everyone’s actions
  • Wholeness
    • Work with emotions and intuition, not only with rationality
  • Self-management
    • Decide fast and collaborate without hierarchy or consensus
TEAL development

Source: Integral Theory by Ken Wilber and others, further adapted for organizations by Frederic Laloux


The Benefits of going TEAL are:

Clear overall intent
and priorities

Fast decision-making and empowered responsibility

High impact by motivated & reliable teams

Conflict resolution and learning culture

Quick and innovative adaptation to disruptive factors

Enterprise agility is needed to address growing complexity & volatility

TEAL Business Triggers

1) S. Klein, B. Hughes – Der Loop Approach

TEAL is the next logical step for challenges that agility does not tackle

Do you or people in your organization encounter some of the TEAL business triggers?

Clarity and direction

  • Do you long for a sense of meaning in your work?
  • Do you desire a clear orientation?
  • Do you wish for a strategic direction to prioritize your diverse tasks?

Leverage potentials

  • Do you want to realize your potential fully?
  • Do you want to hone your existing skills?
  • Do you want to contribute with your experience?

Avoid decision bottlenecks

  • Are bureaucratic and centralized decision-making processes hindering your work?
  • Are meetings taking forever without decisions being made?
  • Do you need everyone’s approval for a decision?

Increase effectiveness

  • Do you feel not making an impact on your team’s work?
  • Are you frustrated about not knowing what is expected of you?
  • Are you tired of searching for the responsible person in your org chart?

Facilitate adaptability

  • Does the amount of your tasks feels overwhelming?
  •  Do you feel like ‘putting out fires’ instead of focusing on what matters most?

Scale up interpersonal skills

  • Do you mostly communicate what is ‘politically correct’?
  • Do you long for being seen for your contributions?
  • Do you desire to speak out about what bothers you about the way work is organized?

If you answered at least one of the above questions with yes, then going TEAL might be the next step for your organization

PAUL-X is an human-centric Organizational Development & Transformation catalyst that enables people in organizations to be self-driven and self-organized through training holistic and integral TEAL capabilities.