Team Purpose

How can we identify what guides our team?

Purpose is sometimes seen as the next fashion everyone needs to be successful, supplied by management. Just as a few years earlier everyone wanted a mission statement: a positive message to the outside world that is also intended to motivate employees.

In today’s complex environment, we need to recognize that purpose is not a feel-good ingredient. Instead, we need to start to see organizations as living organisms, developing their own dynamics with their own purposes that want to manifest in the world. „Go with the flow“ is the motto – purpose moves in harmony with the organization, embedded in its environment.

We take you on a hands-on approach to find your shared team purpose – join in!

In this session you will:

  • Reflect on how your team already contributes to the world of your stakeholders
  • Get clear on the impact that is expected from you as an organization
  • Experience how to come to a viable purpose formulation for your team

What characterizes mastery of this capability? 

Mastery of this skill will provide you with a compass for all your team’s activities:

  • Focusing on the “right” things to do
  • Saying no without regret to requests that are not in your team’s domain
  • Being able to make purposeful decisions in an integrative way

What characterizes the lack of this capability? 

A lack of this skill often results in situations of being overwhelmed as a team:

  • Constantly growing backlog of activities
  • Lack of a future direction
  • Slow decisions due to bottlenecks with the team leaders.

Bring Team Purpose to your organization