Transformation approach

How can your organizational transformation journey look like?
Learn about PAUL-X's evolutionary transformation approach.

Organizational evolution

PAUL-X offers a personal and collective learning journey suitable for your context. 

Acknowledging and honoring that every context is different and your situation is unique, we start with a thorough understanding of your needs, rather than with a specific method. We are client-focused first, although we bring a deep and diverse methodical toolbox.

Our transformation approach is grounded in action research. That means we are iteratively designing experiments to test assumptions and generate experiences which help to identify what works for you.

Throughout our various projects we have found five general steps that every transformation follows. These are presented in the following.

TEAL transformation

Teal Transformation

TEAL Inspiration

  • Clarify motivation for transformation
  • Get inspired by peers that already started
  • Clarify what target state would be worth pursuing
Shared Intention

Finding our shared intention

Do you feel the need to improve and want more clarity on what can help?


  • Improved understanding of own collaboration potentials
  • Shared intention on organizational improvement


Example workshop formats (team level / all hands):

  • Holistic potential analysis
  • Case clinic
  • Listening to the pulse of you organization

Looking at ourselves with fresh eyes

Do you want to get first-hand experiences and find out if the new discipline is right for you?


  • Outside-in view on your organization 
  • Improved understanding and first trials of new capabilities and practices


Example learning sessions:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Retrospectives

TEAL Discovery

  • Understand what your stakeholders (clients, management, teammates, partners) need most
  • Discover how different ways of working create different impacts
Looking at ourselves with fresh eyes

TEAL Activation

  • Define scope of transformation
  • Agree on framework for expedition
  • Commit and energize
TEAL activation

Letting go of the past, setting sail to the future

What are you called to do now?


  • Motivation and trust to get onboard


  • Stay at the pier


Personal decision

  • Listening within and sensing

Exploring our 'highest future potential'

Do you want to transform your organization to the next level and start with a first team?


  • Significant enhancements in the way of working implemented
  • More effective organization
  • Learnings for defining next steps


Example iterative experiments:

  • Personal purpose
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • OKR’s

TEAL Expedition

  • Onboard in transformational experiments
  • Implement purpose, roles, decision-making and other new operating modes – based on the TEAL capabilities

TEAL Evolution

  • Adopt a life-long learning mindset & culture
  • Design new experiments autonomously with your team
  • Create purposeful impact with partners
TEAL evolution

Pushing the limits through continuous transformation

Do you want to further develop your own working system based on the experience gained?


  • Scalable set-up for ongoing improvement


Examples of long-term enablement:

  • Coach the coaches
  • Roll-in of larger parts of organization
  • Adapting methods according to your needs

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PAUL-X is an human-centric Organizational Development & Transformation catalyst that enables people in organizations to be self-driven and self-organized through training holistic and integral TEAL capabilities.