Transparent Business

How can we make the progress towards our collective goals transparent?

Nowadays it is difficult to give an organization a sustainable orientation. In an ever faster changing and complex world, we need dynamic and motivating goals that make it easy for us to achieve a common purpose, while making the progress transparent to all stakeholders.

With the help of  Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), we can playfully get closer to our collective goals and even shoot beyond them. 

In this session you will:

  • Create a clear and compelling collective direction
  • Unleash the creative potential of teams to make autonomous decisions
  • Enable adaptive decision-making to respond to changing circumstances quickly, while keeping the collective vision in view

What characterizes mastery of this capability? 

  • Goals become agile, while simplicity and transparency are being embraced 
  • Dynamic changes and self-ownership according to the needs of your teams and projects
  • High clarity about goals, while intrinsic motivation and cooperation are flourishing
  • Ambitious goals and failures are both embraced, bringing the capabilities and creativity of a team to the next level

What characterizes the lack of this capability? 

  • Poor performance and lack of efficiency
  • Teams without orientation and lack of intrinsic motivation
  • Lack of psychological safety & ownership
  • Struggle to achieve the companies purpose
  • Struggle to adapt goals to a changing environment

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